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​​​​Protect Your Health & Protect Your Wealth© Trademark Pending 

Protect Your Health & Build your Wealth© Trademark Pending 

Your health is the credit score© Trademark Pending in the new millennium. Having good health usually results in lower costs for certain goods and services. Insurance companies can gather your browsing history and know if you are healthy or not and penalize you for poor health. And its all done without violating HIPAA laws. Airlines charge more for health related services and airfares.  Medical bills can pile up quickly and overwhelm someone's ability to pay. Poor health habits are costly- Think cost of cigarettes or dining out a lot.

Would you want to invest in a fantastic business but where the key people were about to drop dead? A banker might evaluate your health and decide not to grant you credit or make a loan. Credit cards may have higher interest rates for people in poor health. Poor health affect us in so many ways. 

From my experience, people with less than optimal health also tend to postpone saving for retirement in the same way they put off getting healthier. I said healthier. You don't have to run marathons or become Charles Atlas. Its something you work at a little bit at a time over a long time. Just like saving for retirement. And its never too late to start.

Your family depends on your good health to provide in your working years. So even if you don't believe in having any insurance, you should definitely protect your health. If you do you will create and accumulate more wealth (and more happiness and joy) over your lifetime.

​Important ongoing steps-

Lifestyle choices and know your numbers (HCL LDL BMI etc)

Control stress

Healthful Eating (but don't be a monk and learn to cook)

Exercising & Activities of life

Enjoying life-having balance

Seek out information and people who help reinforce good health

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